Letters to Jupiter | Review

When I was first asked to review Letters to Jupiter by Lotte Jean, I wasn’t expecting to be taken on a powerful journey. But that’s exactly what happened. It’s a wonderful book of poetry that I was incredibly touched and impressed by.

Now, I love poetry, but I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on it. However, I thought these poems had a beautiful structure to match some beautiful words. They are very insightful into what pain one can go through. I felt the anguish burning off the pages.

I kept going back over the poems – not because I didn’t understand them, but because I wanted to read them again. They were stuck in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, they had made such a huge impact.

There were certain poems that stood out, and these were the one’s that I kept going back to. The words really hit hard and left me speechless. They put you in a place where the only thing you can muster up to say is: Oh… damn.

“i am a youthful storm

made up of twenty plus years

of hidden frustrations

placed on me

by a society

holding disturbing expectations”

Some deep thoughts occurred throughout the book, for example, about the pressure society puts on us and what effects this has on our mental health. There are also themes surrounding acid that burns through your skin, the pain, I thought, could possibly link to self-harm. And themes of demons, fire, hell and love.

The raw, vivid imagery is hard to displace. It just bursts in your mind. The imagery is quite lurid in places, but in the right kind of way. However, as we go on, there are glimmers of hope and strength.

“but this time

my hand

will turn my page”

Suddenly, we are so full of determination: I will take control of my own life and my own destiny. I felt so empowered reading such strong statements. I started thinking about my own life: how I let others treat me and why I let people play with my emotions. What am I afraid to confront?

Possibly the best thing about this book is the personal growth we see the author go through. We see them emerge from a deep, dark place and move into a position where they can start looking inside themselves and find out what they truly need. A place where they can finally put themselves first.

"The inspiration came from the rollercoaster journey that we go on called life. I observed many things and put them all into this collection, telling a tale of growth and forgetting pain." - Lotte Jean

Pride. I feel pride for this author. And I feel like these poems have started some incredibly important thought patterns. What a wonderful journey this book has taken me through. I’m so thankful I had the chance to read it.

You can read it too. Pre-order your copy from Amazon and all major outlets. To be released on 16th February 2021.

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