A Day in the Life of a Writer and University Student

Lockdown life is hard, there's no sugar-coating it. Trying to keep busy is one way I help myself stay afloat and keep on track with my mental health recovery. I set myself a schedule every day that I semi-stick to. It's just there so I have something to fall back on if I don't know what to do.

Today, I'm going to be taking you through one of my days in the week to show you what I typically get up to. Every day is different because I have lectures at different times. So, I'll take you through a typical Wednesday.

06.00 - Wake Up

It's somewhat rare that I actually manage to get up at six a.m. lately, but I try to wake up early every day so I can get things done. Usually, I just lay in bed for ages trying to force myself out of bed. But, if I'm feeling productive then I will take the time to get some writing done, usually for my novel.

07.30 - Workout, Breakfast and Shower

I like to work out four times a week, first thing in the morning to help wake me up and get me pumped for the day. After I've worked out, I'll have some breakfast (the most important meal of the day, as they say), then shower and get myself ready for the day ahead. I'll also do a quick clean around the flat before I start on any work, just to keep on top of things.

10.30 - University Work

Afterwards, I try to get some uni work done before my lecture. I'm currently studying a masters in Marketing.

12.30 - Quick Lunch

13.00 - Lecture

Soon enough, it's time for my lecture. I only have one lecture on Wednesdays. It's usually either Contemporary Marketing Practice or Marketing Analytics. Unfortunately, Marketing Analytics is the module I struggle with because it's all to do with numbers. Maths is definitely not my strong point.

15.00 - Short walk

Once my lecture has finished, I like to try and take a short walk, just so I can actually get outside for a bit. On the days when I don't have lectures, I'll take longer walks.

15.30 - Search for Work/More Uni Work

For the next couple of hours, I try to either search for writing work or get some more uni work done. It depends on how much I have to do for uni, which is usually quite a lot. I've also recently started a couple of new marketing projects, so I might also use this time to work on them, but I usually work on them on the days I don't have lectures.

17.30 - Online Digital Marketing Course

To expand my knowledge in marketing, in particular, digital marketing, I am currently taking an online course with Google Digital Garage. It's a free course, and you can do as much or as little you want a day. I usually try to complete half an hour to an hour a day. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate that you can display on LinkedIn and use on your CV.

18.00 - Cook tea and Chill

At about six o'clock, I end work for the day and cook my dinner. Then, I like to make sure that I chill for the evening and do something fun and meaningful. This might mean me playing on the Sims or watching Netflix whilst I paint my nails. Anything so I can relax and wind down.

21.00 - Evening routine

Next, at about nine o'clock, I start my evening skincare routine and then curl up with a book and read for an hour or so. However, lately I haven't been doing much reading, so I'll probably just continue watching Netflix or Disney+.

22.00 - Watch Netflix in Bed

Around ten o'clock, I usually get into bed and watch Netflix on my laptop until I'm tired enough to fall asleep. Actually, I say that, but I usually end up falling asleep whilst my show is still playing.

And that's it for my day. Not every day is the same, some are busier, some are less. I take the weekends off, so I can give my brain a chance to rest. Keeping busy helps keep me away from boredom and in turn helps keep my mental health running as smoothly as possible.

Until the next time,


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