A Border Collie Named Ruby

Ruby came into my life on my 16th birthday and from day one I was in love with her. She is such a crazy and unique dog who brings me so much happiness.

This is a dog who barks at the electronic fireplace, not because there is something wrong with it but because she doesn't like the bit that lifts and hides the power switch. But she doesn't just mouth off at the fireplace, this is also a dog who will bark at you and talk to you through making weird dog noises. Sometimes, I almost think I can understand her.

This is a dog who doesn't give you your privacy when you are in the bath or on the toilet. She will sit next to bath for the whole time you are in it and will stare at the water in fascination. She will sit on the floor when you're on the toilet and even sometimes ask to be stroked.

One word to describe Ruby would definitely be clumsy. She will climb on the sofa, and then fall off it. She will run around the house and bang her head on a wall. One time when I was walking her, she was looking at a dog across the road and then walked into a stationary car. However, if you laugh at her when she does these stupid things, she will storm off. Literally. She will get the hump with you if you laugh at her. 

When playing with this dog, expect to continually run around in circles with her because that is how she likes to play. No matter how dizzy you may get, she will still want more. She also likes to chase flies around the house which is funny until she actually manages to catch them. 

This is a dog who will bark at the postman when he puts letters through the door but will then get excited when seeing him in the streets and gives him lots of cuddles. She also has to say hello to everyone else in the streets... and will lay down on the ground and refuse to move until they stroke her.

When I'm polishing the furniture, she will sit down and wait until you put the polish down and then grab it and run off with it. You will then have to chase her around the house trying to get it back. It has now become known as the "polish game". A game that I'm not so willing to play.

She always sleeps with one ear up. She stays alert and wants to protect us day and night. 

She gives the best cuddles in the world, and she loves me unconditionally with all her heart.

She doesn't know that I will be leaving for university soon. It breaks my heart knowing that I won't be seeing her face every day or hearing her bark. I will miss her jumping on my bed and giving me cuddles first thing in the morning. 

That dog is my world, my baby and my best friend. I am going to miss her so much and I know she will miss me too, but I will be back before you know it girl!

I love you Ruby, 



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