We all reflect on the past, muse over the present and hope for the future, it’s natural, but what is it like to spend your time thinking about the past, present and future when you’re in recovery from a mental illness?

Through the Hourglass takes a look into the lives of 25 different people, each with a different story to tell, who are at different stages in their recovery journey, reflecting, musing and hoping through writing raw, beautiful and real letters to directed towards themselves. 

In a world that attaches such a huge stigma to mental illness, Through the Hourglass breaks down that barrier and gives 25 individuals the chance to speak out and share their experiences by writing letters to their past, present or future selves. Reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly, facing up to themselves and being truly honest, this is a book of hope, courage, bravery and sorrow, giving a voice to those who may not have been heard.

Split into part one: past, part two: present and part three: future, this book will leave you feeling such an array of emotions, from happy, to sad, to hopeful and comforted and maybe even inspire you to write your own letter.


  • A high-quality, first edition paperback book

  • B format

  • Approximately 160 pages and 35,000 words

  • Exclusive pledge levels!

I am one of the writers for this book and we need your help. We are currently crowdfunding to make this book a reality. Click here to pledge for your copy today. There are different rewards available.