The Importance of Community #ShikariPallyParty

By Char Shields - November 15, 2020

Last night (Saturday 14 November 2020), Enter Shikari fans joined a viewing party of the band's 2017 show at the Alexandra Palace, London aka the Ally Pally. Using the hashtag 'ShikariPallyParty', fans were able to tweet to each other and the band about the show. It was a moment of joy however it was also upsetting for those of us who are missing gigs. 
This year has been difficult to say the least. Family gatherings have been cancelled, concerts have been cancelled... hell, life in general has been put on hold. Instead of enjoying what was supposed to be, for some of us, a fantastic year, everything has gone, well, to shit. There's no other way to say that. 
What Shikari managed to succeed in last night is pulling together a community and giving them something to be a part of. I for one enjoyed sitting with a glass of gin, watching my favourite band play whilst interacting with them and people I don't usually speak to on Twitter. I felt a part of that indescribable feeling of being at a gig, skin to skin with thousands of people. For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel alone. 
However, this of course came with its downsides. It made me feel nostalgic, longing for something that is so out of reach, but something I was only experiencing just last year. I felt the energy pulsing through my veins, I needed to let it out. More than anything, I wanted to be in that sweaty crowd, jumping up and down like my life depended on it. Singing along at the top of my lungs, staring up at my favourite band. There's no feeling like it. 
All of this had me thinking about the importance of community, especially at a time like this. The importance of pulling together when the tide is rough and the sun doesn't shine. When all we have is the four walls of our own house and the mundane little things that make up everyday life. At times like these, we need to be a part of something bigger. To know that we're not alone.
    "We have to squad up and we have to watch each other's backs." - Constellations, Enter Shikari

We don't seem to understand how important it is that we have each other. It's so easy to tweet about mental health awareness and how we should be kind to each other, but it's rare, especially on social media, that I actually see that put into practice. Things are hard enough, why make things worse? What's the point? What do you possibly gain by making someone's day that much harder?

Instead, we should be picking each other up, sharing what we love with each other. Whether your thing is a concert viewing party or #SocialistSunday - it's important to be a part of something. To be a part of a community you can turn to. If you can't find that in everyday life right now, then how amazing is it to find that online?

The internet can be a dangerous place for people, let's work to make it as supportive as possible. We're stronger together, after all, and we're stronger than those who want to bring us down. 
Those are just some Sunday thoughts after an amazing night. I would like to thank Enter Shikari for bringing us all together during a tough time. Hopefully, 2021 will see the return of gigs where we know the atmosphere will be better than ever before.

Until the next time,



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