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By Char Shields - July 25, 2020

I may be getting published!

I have contributed to a book called Through the Hourglass, a collection of letters to our past, present and future selves. These letters focus on mental health recovery and reflect upon how far we've come.

I first found out about the book when the editor, Libby-Mae Ford, posted a tweet about a writing opportunity. Of course, any opportunity to write excites me, so I messaged her right away. That's when she told me about the idea for a book she had which I thought was an amazing idea.

The letter I've written is to my present self and focuses on my fight with my eating disorder. Similar to when I wrote a letter from my body to myself. However, this time I wanted to do something a bit different and it wasn't until I was scrolling through Pinterest one day that I got my idea.

On Pinterest, there was a post listing a few body parts (stomach, arms, etc) explaining why they're so amazing and why we should love them. I decided to expand on that and finally give my body some self-love, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Every body part is important and wonderful, we should all give them some self-compassion.

Writing this letter has been really helpful for me. After years of suffering, it was great to just pause and reflect, to write something worthwhile about myself that could help others. That's exactly what this book sets out to do: help people.

But we need your help to make our dreams become reality.

We're crowdfunding with our publisher, Unbound, to get this book published. With your help, we can reach our goal. Just click here or on the photo above to get taken to our crowdfunding page. There you will find the different rewards, including a signed copy of the book with your name on the back.

Fingers crossed we can make this happen. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or will contribute to this exciting project.

Until the next time,


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