By Char Shields - July 04, 2020

Welcome to June's book club! This month, I have some hard-hitting but important books to share with you, along with a genre which is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me - romance. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't read it much these days.

Enjoy and don't forget to keep an open mind. We should all be open to educating ourselves and learning different aspects of life. Learning isn't just for schools.

Black Lives Matter: Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

In honour of the Black Lives Matter movement and the important conversations and protests surrounding racism, I wanted to share an influential book I read back in my second year of university.

This is a fantastic read that educates the reader without belittling them. I had no idea about the levels of racism in the UK before I read this book (not that I didn't think it existed before, I just didn't realise the true scale of it).

Remi Eddo-Lodge gets her views across wonderfully and I would encourage everyone, especially if you're someone who has been shouting "All Lives Matter" without considering what the BLM movement truly means, to read this.

5/5 stars. 

Important History: How to Survive a Plague 

Moving on with another important book, How to Survive a Plague is a must-read for everyone. It tells the painful history of the outbreak of AIDS and the devastating effects it had on the LGBT+ community. We also get insight into how the US government ignored and tried to cover up the pandemic, a striking resemblance to how both the US and UK governments are handling another pandemic in today's climate.

I really can't express the importance of keeping your mind open to books like these, especially if they're outside your comfort zone. This is a fantastic read that I couldn't put down. You won't regret picking up this book.

5/5 stars.

A Lighter Read: Summer on a Sunny Island

Ending things on a lighter note, I bring you the perfect summer read: Summer on a Sunny Island.

Set in beautiful Malta, we follow the blossoming love story of Rosa and Zach as they face their own personal problems including irritating ex's and dodgy gangs.

I fell in love with the characters and easily got lost in the story. Honestly, I couldn't put this book down. It was a perfect read during the heatwave of June and I would definitely recommend it for the Summer. As imperative as the previous books are, it was nice to just get lost in a nice, somewhat calming story.

4/5 stars.

That's all for this month's book club. I'm keeping it short and sweet. Even though I said I had my mojo back at the end of last month's post, the exact opposite is true now. I'm just happy I was able to share some amazing literature with you once again.

Until the next time,


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