By Char Shields - January 04, 2020

Like a game of Where's Wally, only with the UK's prime minister, the recent US assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani has people asking: where's Boris Johnson?

Well, good news, he's not in a fridge this time, he's jetted off to some Caribbean island to get some sun on his icy skin (I apologise for the mental image) whilst the rest of us watch in fear as the world plummets into disaster. Fires in Australia that have killed off half a billion animals and the prospect of millions more poor people dying in war. Who can you depend on during these tough times? It's certainly not our government.

New year, new decade, same uncaring millionaires in charge.

Whilst US soldiers are getting shipped off to Iran, ready to kill more innocent people for the purpose of distracting everyone from Donald Trump's impeachment and some messed-up re-election campaign, and whilst Jeremy Corbyn is urging Boris Johnson to recall parliament and, shock horror, doing a better job at PM than Johnson ever could, we have radio silence from the man people trusted enough to give a frighteningly large majority to.

"Ooh, aah, but that Corbyn guy," the media spits out through rivers of sweat as they fan themselves off. Yep, that terrible Corbyn guy helping the homeless over Christmas and condemning Trump's lunatic antics.

A part of me wants to throw my hands up and say "I can't be arsed anymore". At this point, it's beyond ridiculous. The rich will keep getting richer through war and murder, the billionaire-owned media will continue to spread their lies and the majority of the population will keep believing them. Business as usual.

So, where are you Boris Johnson? Are you hiding in a fridge from questioning? Are you pocketing another reporter's phone? Are you running away from debates? And riots?

And will you condemn Trump and lose the only safety net for the country's post-Brexit economy? Or will you back a war, risking millions of lives and the support of the electorate? Either way, I can pretty much guarantee you'll try to get the phrase "Get Brexit Done" in there somehow, won't you?

Oh, and incase you were still wondering - yes, we are the baddies.

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