Labour Rally in Bristol - A Campaign of the People

By Char Shields - December 09, 2019

The Labour rally in Bristol today made a couple things clear:

1. This is a campaign of the people. Unlike the Conservatives, who have the right-wing media and billionaires, we have the masses who have suffered because of this government.

2. There's more than a lot of love for Jeremy Corbyn. Today's crowd was like no other, with College Green being filled to the brim and cheers echoing for miles.

Bristol city proudly kicked the Tories out in the last general election. However, we're aware that we still need to unseat them in the outskirts, so the majority of campaigners have been travelling outside the city every day to get more votes. That's how dedicated Labour voters are.

Why are we so desperate for a Labour government? Not because we "want free handouts" but we want a society that's fair for all. We want a government who doesn't constantly undermine and under fund our local government. We want to get the homeless of our streets, our NHS out of the hands of Donald Trump, our education institutions funded, our public transport services thriving and affordable and our homes to be affordable.

Most of all, we want a government who actually cares. A government who bothers to come out and talk to us, who bothers to listen to our worries and a government who wants to put the people above the elite. Not a prime minister who's too scared to be scrutinised in interviews and refuses to even look at a photo of a child being treated on the floor for possible pneumonia because the NHS hospital didn't have enough beds. We don't want a prime minister who calls gay people "tank-topped bum-boys" or children of single mothers "ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate". We don't want a prime minister who stirs up hate against ethnic groups and anyone who looks different to him. And we refuse to let this toxicity continue to spread among the public.

Jeremy Corbyn inspired me today, like he does every day. And by the sheer volume of cheers and applause, I certainly wasn't the only one. We have three days left, three vital days. Continue to campaign, continue the fight for our lives. Imagine waking up on Friday morning to a Labour government. Instead of waking up to fear and dread, we could be waking up to hope.

Because that's what Labour are offering: hope. You can either vote based on how the last nine years have gone and choose to worsen the conditions of millions of lives. Or, you could vote for someone who wants to make things better for all and a party with a well-thought-out and fully costed manifesto that works for the many, not the few.

Remember: when you vote Conservative, you're not voting for yourself or your children or your neighbours, you're voting for the select few who wish to profit off your health. When you vote Labour, you're voting for a people-backed party who want to change things for the better. Make the right choice this Thursday.

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