By Char Shields - November 03, 2019

With the upcoming election and the possibility of Brexit looming, it's never been more important to save our NHS. But somehow, thousands of the working-class, who wouldn't be able to survive without the NHS, still vote Conservative... the very party that's looking to sell it off to their friends in the USA.

The very thought of a future without the life-saving NHS is absolutely terrifying. Without it, I and many of my family members would not be here today.

It's clear that Labour is the only party that will protect our NHS. Don't believe me? This tweet sums up the situation pretty well:

However, for this post, I want to focus on exposing the Tory party for whom they really are: lobbyists who only care about their billionaire friends. In December, I beg you not to vote for the Tories... vote for the NHS.

1. They Lied About Giving the NHS Extra Funding

The Tories pledged to give NHS services an extra £1.8 million. Of course, this was far from true.

According to NHS professionals, that money was mostly transferred or recycled from other parts of the NHS. So, the funding wasn't really new at all. Even if it was, that wouldn't be enough to reverse the majority of the cuts the Tories have made to the services.

If there's not enough money to fund the NHS, then how come there's enough to give billionaires tax breaks and for multi-million smear campaigns against Jeremy Corbyn?

2. They Lied About Building 40 New Hospitals 

In a recent social media post, Boris Johnson's team posted photos of his visit to Milton Keynes hospital and bragged about building 40 new hospitals and upgrading 20 existing ones. My first thought was: "And?" With the state the NHS is in, how on Earth is that good enough?

Although, surprise surprise, this turned out to be another lie. They didn't build any hospitals at all and only funded building works at 6 existing hospitals.

3. They Lied About the NHS Being on the Table in Trade Talks with Trump

Another lie? I'm sensing a theme here.

Johnson has claimed that the NHS wouldn't be on the table in trade talks with the USA. Trading with the US is currently his only back-up for the economy, should a No-Deal be pushed through.

Channel 4 Dispatches investigated this and found that face-to-face meetings with US contracts are already underway. One major cause of concern is the pricing of drugs. The US would force the NHS to buy through its high-cost pharmaceutical industry and remove their ability to buy cheaper alternatives. The cost of medication is already £9 per prescriptive drug for citizens in England and is currently a huge problem in the US.

Whilst the Tories are claiming this isn't the case, Donald Trump and his team are a lot more open about this. In fact, Trump hasn't kept his desire to break up the UK's "socialised system" a secret. And they're planning to make it mandatory that foreign countries they're trading with pay the same prices for pharmaceuticals as they do in the US. This would cost the NHS an extra £27 billion a year.

4. The NHS is Dangerously Understaffed

Under the disastrous Tory rule, the NHS is said to be understaffed by at least 100,000 workers. This is clear to see through the longer waiting times for a GP appointment, in A&E and in other areas.

Sources show that 58% of NHS workers do unpaid extra hours every week, just to keep the services running. And 78% of workers feel under unrealistic pressure in their work.

Ask any NHS worker, the people who work long, hard hours saving lives and keeping the millions safe and healthy, what they think about the Conservative party. I've yet to meet any who actually support them or are happy with the way they have treated the NHS, despite what the Tory's propaganda may tell you.

5. The UK is Facing a Mental Health Crisis 

The UK is currently having a mental health crisis. In 2018, the rate of suicides horrifically jumped by 11.8% - the highest level in 20 years.

And it's all the Tory's fault.

Mental health services have been hit the hardest by cuts. Waiting times for a therapist or professional are now up to a year. After the initial first appointment, it then takes months for a follow-up and it can take at least a further year for an official diagnosis. These waiting times are costing lives because people aren't getting the help they need in time.

6. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 and its Failures

In 2012, the government passed the Health and Social Care Act which was supposed to address the issues surrounding the NHS. Instead, it worsened them.

Not only did the act abolish the Secretary of State for Health's 'duty to provide', allowing them to face no repercussions for their actions. It also failed to address financial issues. Instead, they spent billions on restructure works, leaving the actual services to struggle.

The act also set the NHS up as a market and allowed more involvement from private companies. Parts of the NHS have already been privatised and this is continuing to this day. 

The NHS is Socialism...

Right-wing media outlets and politicians have made socialism sound like such a dirty word. However, the NHS is a socialist idea and was created by a socialist Labour government. We have a chance for another socialist government led by Corbyn. Whatever your views on him may be, keep in mind that you're voting for the NHS, among many other reasons, not a single person.


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