Gender Doesn't Exist

By Char Shields - October 19, 2019

I can already hear the bigots screaming at me for this one, oh boy.

But seriously - hear me out.

I've never considered myself to be anything other than a cis-woman. And this isn't me bravely coming out, this is just what I truly believe.

Genders don't exist.

And I'm not denying anything scientific: sexes exist. But even science will tell you that gender is a social construct. So when you spout some nonsense about how there's 'only two genders' because SCIENCE. Guess what? Actual scientists say you're wrong.

This whole idea of gender is just another invention to control society and force people to act a certain way. If you're a man, you must dress and act 'macho' and you can't show any emotions, etc. And if you're a woman, then it's skirts and dresses and you must be delicate and feminine.

Again, I'm not denying that sexes exist. However, this idea that you must act a certain way so you can fit into a box seems really weird and stupid to me. Who the hell came up with that idea?

There are people who don't believe they fit into any gender-norms. And I can't say I'm surprised: these made-up norms are crazy. Why are we still following something so archaic? Something that (most likely religious) men made up all these years ago to control those beneath them?

I believe that even though my sex is female, it doesn't mean I'm going to act a certain way to tick all these pathetic boxes. I love wearing makeup and pretty dresses. But I also love to throw on a 'men's' shirt or jumper and jeans. In fact, I've always felt comfortable shopping in both the men's and women's sections and I've never quite understood why some people find that weird.

And it's fine if you're comfortable dressing, for example, feminine if you're a woman. You can dress however the hell you want, no matter what you identify as. How someone identifies themselves doesn't affect my life in any way. However, it's also okay for me to believe that gender is just a societal creation that I refuse to abide by.

My fellow Piers Morgan's of the world, my choices don't hurt you or impact your life. Move on.

I am a human being.

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