Typical Straight Girl Pretending They're Bisexual

By Char Shields - September 06, 2019

Cornwall Pride was amazing.

As a bi-sexual woman, I don't get too involved in the LGBT+ community due to how rife the bi-phobia is. I feel like I have to fight to prove myself. Although I enjoyed Pride and loved seeing everyone feel so happy and accepting... I still couldn't escape the annoying idiots who think they know more about my sexuality than I do.

"Typical straight girl, pretending they're bi." These are the actual words that came out of the mouth of someone walking in the parade. You cannot walk in a pride parade and then have that absolute bullshit come out of your mouth.

It comes as a huge slap in the face because I feel like I'm always trying so hard to "prove" that I am actually bisexual. Just because I'm in a relationship with a male - doesn't mean I'm straight. The clue is in the label: we are attracted to two genders. It just happens that I've fallen in love with a man.

Coming out as bisexual was a lot harder for me than people realise. Everyone thinks that it's some trend, which can really get in your head and make you question yourself.

Growing up, I was constantly questioning my sexuality and felt so confused by it all. I truly believed that I couldn't be attracted to more than one gender. And as I was surrounded by homophobic bigots, I was terrified of liking women... but I did. It became harder and harder to deny. But I was so confused because I was still attracted to men as well. It was genuinely a concept I couldn't get my head around.
That's why saying or thinking things like "you can't be bi if you're with the opposite gender" is so dangerous. This reenforces this backwards, twisted idea which scares people into the closet. Saying anything like this makes you just as bad as the people who say being gay is wrong.

You don't choose who you love.

Even at university, a place where I thought I could be free and open about myself, this mentality is strong within the LGBT+ community/societies. I've had gay men tell me that my bisexuality isn't valid because they've "never seen me with a woman."

First of all, what I do in my own time is NONE of your goddamn business.

Secondly, even if I have never been with a woman, doesn't mean my sexuality is less valid. Just because I've only been in romantic relationships with men, doesn't mean I'm not bi. I've had crushes on both men and women and I've wanted to be romantic with both.

Third: Again, and I can't stress this enough, it's NONE of your business.

Lastly: Fuck you.

I don't know where people get off or why they feel they HAVE to know the gritty details of others' sex lives but I can promise you that you don't. That goes to both the LGBT+ community and the heterosexuals.

Whilst I'm on the subject, you do not need a straight pride parade. You've never been discriminated against or denied your rights because you're straight. It's never been illegal to be straight. If you believe otherwise or you're against LGBT+ rights then you're wrong. It's not an opinion, it's hatred and it's wrong.

I don't care if you're family or a friend; if you're straight or gay; transgender or cisgender... if you think my or anyone else's sexuality or identification isn't valid for any reason then get the hell out of my life.

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