Desk Tour: A Writer's Sanctuary

By Char Shields - May 26, 2019

Recently, I bought myself a brand new desk, and I've got to say... I think I'm in love.

I'm in the process of slowly moving in with my partner, which means lot's of IKEA trips and furniture building. Things I find really exciting (no sarcasm here - I love shopping for furniture and making a home. Is this what being a proper adult is like?) The first thing on my list was my very own sanctuary.

Desk in the daytime.

Desk in the evening/night-time.

The desk is beautiful. I love how it's white and modern, which for some reason makes my head feel clearer. Probably because it's so crisp and clean, it brightens up the room.

My partner already has black-brown furniture in the flat, so I'm trying to adopt a black and white theme. Watch this space...

Right: set of drawers
Very spacious inside.
Top-left drawer: journals.

Top-right drawer: everyday notebooks/diaries.

I decided to get the drawers as well because I have a lot of notebooks, stationary, etc so I needed the storage. All of this is a part of a writer's equipment and I'm so happy that they finally have a home. Plus, they're easy to grab as they are all within arm's reach.

Light: IKEA. Stationary organiser behind it: IKEA.

Just looking at the desk makes me want to sit down and write. It's a place where I'm more than happy to spend my time. Even the light screams "author aesthetic" to me. This is great because now I'm actually getting work done... let's see if this works when it comes to writing my dissertation in the coming months.

Wax burner/warmer: Scentsy. Good scent whilst working and it makes the whole flat smell nice, which is a wonder to walk in the door to.

So far, I've actually gone out of my way to keep my desk clean and tidy. In the past, I never would have bothered. My desk would become my dumping ground. Then, I would just lay in bed or sit on the sofa to work. Having something to write on other than my lap, that I actually take care of, is definitely good for my mental wellbeing.

Plants: IKEA.

Never before have I taken pride in something I own (unless you count my dog which I don't because I'm her mummy. Also, I don't own her - she owns me!) This is the first proper desk I've bought myself and I'm going to bloody look after it. It even bothers me when other people put drinks and other bits on it. Yep, I'm that person. Although, my partner reckons it won't last... just because he's messy!

Film camera. Notebook organisers: IKEA... starting to see a theme here.

Price-wise, this whole workspace was fairly affordable. The desk and bottom set of drawers came as a set, costing £75. I was over-the-moon with this as I was expecting it to cost a lot more. The top drawers were £40. In my eyes, this completes the desk and it's given my camera a home.

I decided to buy a mat for my laptop to rest on. It also ties in the white. Guess where it's from...
There is nothing I don't love about this workspace: the modern white, the storage, the price. The "treat yo self" mentality is something I definitely need to stop. However, I'm really glad I did treat myself to this. Every writer deserves a beautiful desk to write on. 

Until the next time,


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