Easter Weekend in Cornwall (Photo Diary)

By Char Shields - April 24, 2019

Easter weekend has just passed and now it's back to procrastinating from coursework. I've never been one to enjoy Easter or even care about it much, however, this year has been really enjoyable.

Good Friday

On Friday, my Grandparents and two of my cousins came down to Cornwall. Luckily, the weather was beautiful so we headed over to Mevagissey in the afternoon.

We then went into Truro because neither me or my cousin, Hannah, had clothes cool enough for the warm weather. Expecting the usual rainy British weather, we had both packed jumpers!

After dinner, we took my dog to our local beach. It was high tide so there wasn't much beach left, but I played in the sea with her. The waves were bigger than the poor thing! But she had a lot of fun, as usual, and was very cuddly on the drive home.

To end the day, we played a nice, family-friendly game of Cards Against Humanity. Yes, we're all going straight to hell.


On Saturday morning, I helped my mum clean a B&B so we could hurry up and get to Flambards.

Flambards is a small theme park in Cornwall. I'm not the biggest fan of rollercoasters and rides, but I did go on the log flume which cooled me down. Once again, the weather was incredible.

In the evening, Hannah treated my mum and I to the cinema. We watched the new adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Sematary which was a great but messed up film.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was another gorgeous day so we went down to the beach, where I spent the majority of my time swimming in the sea. It was glorious, and more than needed. I also got some reading time in.

Afterwards, we went back home and I read some more in the garden whilst waiting for tea. Mum cooked a lovely roast dinner which I demolished. Then, we took my dog for a walk before heading back and chilling with a film night.

Easter Monday

My family left for Bedford very early (half 8 in the morning - that's still mid-night!) so I spent the first part of the day napping.

The weather today was overcast but still warm, so I sat in the garden with my dog and did some coursework.

For dinner, my brother treated us to Domino's pizza, which was a great end to the perfect chill day.

Overall, it was probably the best Easter I've ever had. Although, I probably should stop procrastinating before I fail university.

Until the next time,


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