Underdeveloped Film Appreciation

By Char Shields - March 22, 2019

It's been a while since I've posted a photography appreciation post. In fact, it's been a while since I've even picked a camera up. There's a part of me that misses it... but then there's the part of me that remembers what an expensive hobby it is.

However, recently I was looking through the thousands of photos on my laptop and came across some old photos I took on my film camera back when I first moved to Bristol in 2016.

At the time I hated these photos. I took them to a supermarket to get developed (which is something I don't usually do) and they appeared all washed out.

Looking back on these in present day, I've really come to appreciate these photos. They look so odd, yet so aesthetically pleasing.

Note: I did try and edit these when I first received the developed pictures. However, I want to share the unedited ones because there's so much beauty in them. Some of them are upside down because my computer wouldn't let me rotate them, which is fine because I wanted to leave them exactly how I found them.

Victoria Street

Bedroom window - where I first lived in halls

Bristol City Centre

Bristol is full of wonderful art

Victoria Street, near Bristol Bridge

Victoria Street

Denmark Avenue

Frog Lane

Frog Lane

Some steps in Bristol - would love to know where I found these

Bristol City Centre - leading to Anchor Rd

City Hall - College Green

Street Art - Near College Green

Near College Green and Brandon Hill

Bristol City Centre

A ghosty building - Bristol City Centre

Fountain - Bristol City Centre

Waterfront - Bristol City Centre

The University of Bristol 

Whiteladies Rd

Whiteladies Rd 

The Triangle (I believe)

University of Bristol - Wills Memorial Building Tower poking into view

University of Bristol - Wills Memorial Building Tower poking into view

I remember this day so clearly: mid-September, making the most of the last days of the Summer weather. This was the first time I had explored a lot of the city. Having no idea where I was going... I just walked.

Until the next time,

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