By Char Shields - December 30, 2018

With only a few days left of 2018, I've been looking back on the year and thinking about what I want to improve on and achieve moving forward.

At the beginning of 2018, I had little to no motivation and was on a downward spiral. Things haven't improved much, however my motivation is slowly coming back as the desperation for things to change gets stronger. Because of this, I've given my resolutions a lot more thought than I have done in previous years.

Last year I said that I wanted 2018 to be the year that I "get shit done". It was the complete opposite of that. So now, 2019 needs to be that year.

My 2019 resolutions:


2018 was the year that I properly started recovery after my mental health plummeted towards the end of 2017. I started seeing a care coordinator fortnightly and went back on my medication. However, I haven't taken it as seriously as I should have.

This year I want my mental health to be my number one priority. I need to continue to attend my appointments and attend the therapy sessions that get set up for me, as well as remembering to take my medication daily. Anti-depressants appear to get a lot of hate online but I find them very helpful. Attending therapy sessions can be near impossible when you have no motivation, but the medication allows me to at least get out of bed so I need to stop neglecting them.

Summer 2017 was when I was feeling the best about myself and I wish more than anything to get back to that point. I was eating healthy and exercising regularly and was therefore in the best shape of my life. Now I get out of breath from walking up the stairs.

In 2019 I want to get back to that point so I can feel happy and confident with myself again. Well, that and so I'm not laying on the floor, trying not to eject my lungs after running for the bus.


I'm sure a lot of people will laugh at me for this one (especially since one of my resolutions last year was to become a vegan). However, I've wanted to cut meat out of my diet for as long as I can remember but I never stick to it.

The problem is that I always try to cut everything out in one go which doesn't work. As soon as I eat one thing that contains meat, I give up and don't try again for months. Rinse and repeat. Instead I will be making small changes which will hopefully lead to full time vegetarianism.

Eventually I want to become a vegan but for now it's baby steps! I'd rather make little changes than do nothing at all.


Writing is my passion and in 2019 I want to do more of what I love. I have so many personal writing projects that I want to work on but my time gets taken up by university work. In the future, I want to manage my time better and set aside some hours in my week for my own writing. This includes blogging (which I've seriously slacked on this year), stories and novel ideas.

The phrase 'there's not enough hours in the day' certainly rings true here...


Something else I've wanted to do for a couple of years is get work experience in publishing. I have the opportunity to do a placement year with my uni course which I hope to do. If not then I would still like to do some shorter placements so I can start learning about the world of the industry.


For a few months this year I have been recording a second every day and putting them all together in a video. Although it's been hard to remember to record the second (or at least record it when I'm actually doing something interesting!) it's always really interesting to look back over my month this way. Now, I want to do this for a whole year. This is probably going to be hard to do, but hopefully really exciting to look back on.


As well as recording a second everyday, I also want to take more photographs to capture memories.

Looking back on happy memories always picks me up during a bad day or a bout of depression. This might also give my self-confidence a boost because currently I have a strong hatred of being included in photos as I despise how I look. It would be great to get over that hatred and just enjoy life more.

Of course this will take a lot of time and work, there is no quick fix when it comes to mental health. That's something I tend to forget.


The rest of my resolutions have been centered around working hard... this one is about relaxing.

Looking back on late 2017 and early 2018 has made me feel rather emotional because I used to constantly be out with my friends. Of course, situations change and things happen. We're no longer in first year of university so the work load is tougher and our grades matter more. Mental health also gets in the way of things.

However, in 2019 I want to make more time for having fun with friends and making new memories together. I will be starting the new year off partying with one of my closest friends and will be staying with her for a few days. So, hopefully this is a start for things to come!

I am both excited and nervous for the year ahead but I think I'm ready for it.

Bring it on, 2019.

Happy new year to you all.

Until the next year,


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