By Char Shields - December 17, 2018

In July 2018, I moved into my new house with some of my friends from university. So far it's been a lot of fun, exciting and hilarious at times too, even if we do have the odd drunken argument. During my time at university, I've always lived in halls with strangers who I didn't necessarily get along with, so this has definitely been a positive change for me.

It's taken me a while to get my bedroom to how I want it. Unlike my room last year, I didn't have much storage available so I've had to buy a lot of my own. My room is also a lot smaller this year, but I love it just the same... and the rent is a hell of a lot cheaper.

This is an overall view of what my room looks like. It's a super cute room that I am more than in love with. We also live in an old house but I love the vibe it gives off and the little details it has.

On my door I have my super soft dressing gown, New Look, and my towel hung up, and a full-length mirror on the wall next to it. As you walk into my room, straight ahead is my desk.

My desk is where I imagined where I would do most of my uni work and writing, but in reality I just sit in bed or in the kitchen with my housemates and do it. I like to leave my laptop on my desk when I'm not using it, and I keep my personal notebooks, scrapbooks and stationary in these holders I bought from Wilko. Next to them, I have lined up some fake flowers that my boyfriend bought me on a trip to IKEA. Finally, my vinyl player sits in the corner.

Above my desk, I have put up photographs with fairy lights that I bought from Primark around them.

Under my desk are these drawers I bought from IKEA. I really needed extra storage for my uni books and folders and these were perfect and so affordable.

Next to my bed I have this handy little stand. This was originally under my desk when I moved in, but I decided to pull it out, put my TV on top of it and position it diagonally so I can watch films in bed. The draw is what I call my 'junk draw' (I'm sure we all have one), where I put letters, batteries and anything else I can't find a home for. Underneath this, I keep my vinyls (my favourite ones are Neck Deep, While She Sleeps, Twenty One Pilots, Simon and Garfunkel, Enter Shikari and Royal Blood).

Next to my desk is my bookcase and on the top of this I keep  my jewellery. I got the necklace stand from Primark and the box is from an independent store in Mevagissey, Cornwall. I also have a cute little jar that my friend got me for Christmas last year which I keep loose change in. The fairy lights I got from Poundland a few years ago before Halloween (I'm so impressed that they're still alive!)

On the top shelf, I keep my hair products including hairspray, heat protection, de-tangling spray and brushes etc. In this basket that my mum got me, I keep all of my hair appliances: my hair dryer, straighteners, curling wand and my barrel waver.

On the next shelf down I keep my deodorant, body sprays, perfumes and toner water. More towards the right I have all of my nail stuff. Including nail varnishes (which are in the bag), nail varnish remover, nail files and false nails. Oh, and a hilarious photo me and my friend took in a photo booth during a night out!

On the next shelf down I have some of my books, as well as a fake plant that I got from IKEA. The shelf below that is where I keep most of my shoes. Although, I plan on getting a shoe rack and moving my books to the bottom shelf where there's more space in the future.

Next to my book shelf I have a box, from Wilko, for all of my DVD's, (although this mostly consists of The Simpsons box-sets) and my film camera lives on top.

Next to this is my wardrobe, and on the door I have some hooks, from Primark, where I hang my hoodies, jackets, scarves and bags.

Then we come to my favourite part of my room which is my bed and my beautiful window. I am literally obsessed with this window, however it's not so much fun to sleep next to in the Winter.

On the wall above my bed I have a small dream catcher that I got from a shop in Mevagissey, Cornwall. As well as fairy lights from Primark and a cute dog calendar.

I've always wanted a vanity table and decided to turn these drawers into one. My mirror is from Wilko, and I just move my desk chair up to it when I do my makeup. I have a basket for my eye-shadow pallets, lashes and beauty blenders etc. My brushes and lipsticks are kept in Starbucks cups which I should probably throw out. I also like to keep some flowers on my make-shift vanity table, which I usually just get from Morrisons.

I also have a warmer from a brand called Scentsy which I am in love with. How it works is you plug it in and it warms up a gorgeous smelling wax. Currently I am using a winter-spiced wax which my housemates can smell as soon as they get in the door. You can leave these on for hours and they are much safer than a candle. I'm not at all sponsored but my mum sells these and I wanted to help her out so if you're interested then drop me a message. She can send you free samples and warmers to use temporarily as well!

That's it for my new uni room tour.

Until the next time,


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