Bristol in the Snow

By Char Shields - March 03, 2018

The 'Beast from the East' attacked the UK, leaving us in below freezing temperatures and covered in ice and snow. For the majority of it, I have been hiding in the warm serenity of my bed, as I do for most of the Winter months.

I can't say that I've really enjoyed the stupidly cold weather and I'm very much debating just going into hibernation. However, I can't deny that Bristol looked absolutely beautiful covered in a blanket of white and I couldn't resist going for a long walk in it to take pictures.

The snow doesn't stay pretty and white for long in a city and I became fully aware that for the most part, I was just walking on a very large ice rink. I was able to enjoy it for about half an hour, but it wasn't long until my clumsy ass fell over. Twice.

I then tweeted that I was slipping around in cheap Primark boots and that I actually had winter boots with better grip.

I went home and put on said boots, went back outside and fell over again. At this point, the excitement had completely died out for me and I was ready to go back to bed. Needless to say, I am still in a lot of pain. I'm just glad the bloody stuff is melting away now.

Despite the very pessimistic turn this took, I do feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful city. But, you can give me hot sunshine and tanned skin over this any day. The snow maybe great to look at, but that's just it. The icy world is no place for a klutz like me.

Until the next time,


Photos were taken on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and edited on VSCO.

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