A Week in the Life in Bristol

By Char Shields - February 13, 2018

I sit under the covers on my bed, my fingers typing away on my laptop, feeling a bit lonely after spending a week with my boyfriend, Callum.

Callum came up to visit me in Bristol for a week which gave me an excuse to explore the city all over again and basically became a tourist. We had a wonderful week of sightseeing, gigs and eating our weight in  pizza. It also gave me an excuse to trade in the wild student lifestyle for the "boring" and lazy couple lifestyle - I definitely prefer the latter.

He arrived Sunday afternoon, and we just chilled out and ate pizza. The rest of the week didn't get much more wild than that but we did get out for a bit and we must have ordered domino's at least three more times, thank God for student deals!


We didn't do much in the daytime. Callum needed a lay in because he had driven to London and back to Cornwall the day before coming to mine and this was the only day I actually bothered to go into university.

In the evening we went to Wetherspoons with my best friend, Beth, before enjoying a While She Sleeps gig.

While She Sleeps are definitely one of the best bands I have seen live, the atmosphere is always incredible and they are very talented. It was a fantastic night.


Tuesday was another chill day but I was very happy because my new phone arrived.

After we walked Beth to the train station, we had a look around some shops and had dinner at Frankie and Benny's, a personal favourite of mine and Callum's. We love the deals they have on the app.


We took a bus up to Fishponds on Wednesday and had lunch in a beautiful and quiet park. Fishponds is just out of the city centre so it has a much more peaceful feeling to it. Despite the terrible reputation it may have, it is a very nice place.

We looked in a few shops there and I went into Aldi to get cheap alcohol (hooray for the student life). Afterwards, we went back into the centre and had a look around up Park St and the Clifton area.


Thursday was a bit of a lazy day because the weather was so poor. We just looked around Broadmead for a bit and chilled in the flat.


We had another gig Friday night but before that we cooked a lovely vegetarian curry.

We went to see  Don Broco this time and these are another favourite of mine to see live. It was absolutely incredible, I have never seen such an insane crowd. I really enjoyed my night, Don Broco completely smashed it. Their new album is incredible and I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a listen.

On Saturday we went for a walk but because of the rain, it wasn't long until we were back inside again. 

But we did go out and socialise this night. We went to a couple of pubs with some friends and then went back to my flat for some more drinks. It was a great laugh and I was very happy that Callum and my uni bestie, Hannah, got along so well.


On Sunday Callum went back to Cornwall, not before we got beaten up by the snow and wind when we were walking to the bus stop. It was sad seeing him go.

Long distance relationships can be really hard, but we know that each time we get to see each other, it'll be even more amazing.

Until the next time,


P.S. I also uploaded a "Week in my Life" video on Youtube. For the whole week I recorded a second every hour, please check it out. It was just a fun thing to try out but I would still be grateful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_qU0J-u8jY 

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