By Char Shields - December 22, 2017

I am currently studying in the beautiful city of Bristol and in September I moved into new student accommodation. I love my new room and wanted to share it on here... but it has taken me a fair bit of time to do so!

I finally got round to snapping some pictures of it before I went home for the Christmas holidays. I thought I'd take the opportunity while it was clean and tidy, and while I had a lot of time on my hands.

This is the view of my room from my door and from the back by my window. I love how spacey and light it is feels, even on a gloomy winter's day, and it's very white and modern. I am used to my old, country house in Cornwall so it's a nice change for me.

On my door I have my towel and (very cosy) dressing gown hung up. I have my shoes lined up next to my door so they are easy to grab and put on before I go out.

Moving on to my desk, which is next to my not-so-tidy wardrobe. This is where my vinyl player and my TV live, as well as my laptop the majority of the time. This is where I like to do my uni work and most of my writing, while listening to a vinyl. 

Underneath my desk I have shelves and a box for all my vinyls. On the top shelf I have all my makeup and on the middle shelf is where I keep my bedding. My bathroom and nail stuff is on the bottom shelf. Some of that stuff also belongs to my best friend for when she comes to visit.  

Above my desk, I have more shelves. On the first bottom shelf I have a basket full of hair stuff, cosmetics and deodorant that I use everyday. I have my makeup brushes and lipsticks that I just keep in Starbucks cups. I also have a jewellery stand from Primark and a pretty jewellery box that I found in a shop in Mevagissey (Cornwall) that I keep all my chokers in.

On my other shelves I keep my notebooks, uni stuff, DVDs and books that I brought from home. I also have my film camera and my framed picture of my dog when she was a puppy.

All of my bedding is from Asda (never underestimate the amazing stuff you can get from Asda). On my bedside table I have my daily journal (Urban Outfitters) and the book I am currently reading. 

Here I have gig tickets, photos and leaflets I have picked up. I also have my Socialist Worker and Thekla posters.

That's it for my uni room tour! Thanks for reading.

Until the next time,


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  1. The room looks more than OK for a UNI room, congrats!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it is pretty nice for a uni room :)