The Disgusting Truth About Jesse Lacey...

By Char Shields - November 13, 2017

Brand New were one of my favourite bands, especially as a teenager, so I was absolutely heartbroken and disgusted when I heard the allegations against Jesse Lacey.

For those who don't know, he was recently accused of sexual misconduct and was accused of soliciting nude images of a girl when she was 15 and he was 24. She said she felt "manipulated" and "demeaned" by Lacey and he made her watch him masturbate over Skype.

He posted an apology on the band's Facebook page but he never once addressed the victims or apologised to them directly. He made the whole apology about him and he completely victimised himself. 

Does he actually expect us to feel sorry for him? He's completely ruined lives. A terrible Facebook apology won't take that back. 

What's even more disgusting is how many people who are actually sticking up for him. Imagine being one of those victims and seeing those comments. It makes me feel sick. Suddenly all of that pain and fear they had to go through and still are going through is okay because he made a half-assed apology? 

No matter what anyone says, this apology isn't good enough. Trying to make everyone feel sorry for him and his wife is not an acceptable response to SEXUALLY HARASSING AN UNDERAGED GIRL. 

You don't get to just brush it off because he's a part of your favourite band. STOP STICKING UP FOR HIM.

So many people jumped to his defence and branded the girls who came forward as liars. Generally speaking, society seems to have more respect for abusive musicians and actors than they do for women. The women get called liars and attention whores, and even if they are found out to be true, they still side with the abuser. Women seem to matter less than a man's reputation. 

The sad reality is that more stories are coming out about male celebrities who abuse their power and they're getting away with it, people still stick up for them. We should be doing something about it. They should be facing consequences for their actions.

It's scary to think how many rapists and abusers are able to go about their daily lives as normal, surrounded by people who think they are actually decent people, while their victims take the blame and suffer every minute of every day. 


Stop sticking up for them, stop letting them get away with it just because they are your favourite musician or your favourite actor or your best friend. 

Listen to and support the victims who are brave enough to tell their stories. Take a stand for what's right. 

Together, we can all make a difference... if we stop putting an abuser's reputation before the victim. If we stop discarding the women who come forward. If we call out those who abuse their power. If we call out our sh*tty friends. 

Do something about it.

Until the next time,


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