By Char Shields - October 13, 2017

On Thursday 12th October, Neck Deep took to the stage at The Great Hall in Cardiff and absolutely killed it. They also did a soundcheck and meet and greet with fans and I was lucky enough to attend. It was an amazing experience and once again the band were lovely and down to earth.

The soundcheck had a very chill vibe and Ben Barlow admitted that he had only just woken up (at least he was honest). The band performed Threat Level Midnight, Losing Teeth and we even persuaded them to perform Serpent. In between the songs we had a Q+A with the band and questions such as "What album would you most like to cover?" and "What's your favourite video game?" were asked and someone even threw a cheeky pick up line at them: "Are you today's date? 'Cause you're a 12/10". For me, it was great to be at the front barrier. It's a very rare experience for me, being claustrophobic.

Afterwards we got to take pictures with the band and I got another vinyl signed. Of course, I was my usual awkward self and had no idea what to say!

Overall, the soundcheck and meet and greet was a great experience and the gig was just as incredible. The atmosphere is always amazing during Neck Deep's performances. They are fantastic with the crowd and there is always a high amount of energy.

I loved hearing songs from their new album: "The Peace and The Panic". In Bloom and Don't Wait were songs that really stood out for me. They even played some old bangers including What Did You Expect and Ben performed Head to the Ground acoustically, one of my favourite Neck Deep songs.

There was a very heartbreaking moment when emotional Ben burst into tears before and during the performance of Wish You Were Here, due to it being the one year anniversary of his father's passing. However, it was beautiful to see the band come out and show him love with hugs and hear the fan's support for him. It was a wonderful performance which I struggled to hold back my tears through. This song, which is about dealing with the loss of a loved one, always pulls on my heart strings, even more so now.

In between a couple of the acts, Jonny Boucher, founder of the charity "Hope For The Day", took to the stage to talk about mental health awareness which the crowd responded to with cheers and applause. It was great to see and hear the issues of mental illness and suicide being raised at a gig. It's something that desperately needs to be talked about more.

Support acts Woes, Real Friends and As It Is were also incredible and all brought the energy to high levels. Woes even covered Smash Mouth's All Star after losing a bet on twitter. They're all great bands who I definitely recommend you check out.

The energy and the atmosphere was fantastic the whole night. And shout out to the security for actually doing their job!

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I can't wait until the next Neck Deep gig.

Until the next time,


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