By Char Shields - September 19, 2017

Disgustingly, fur is becoming more and more popular in fashion.

The likes of Kim Kardashian and Katie Price are seen wearing fur a lot and they don't care about the horrors it takes to make their clothing.

Using fur for fashion is having a devastating affect on animals and pet owners over-seas. Peta have done some research into the Chinese fur industry and found that around one billion rabbits are killed a year. Animals are taken from farms and pet owners, piled up in trucks and sent to their deaths. It is a horrific and heartbreaking process. In China alone, two million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are skinned alive for this barbaric idea of "fashion".

There are no animal protection laws in place in China and it is now the world's biggest exporter of fur. They also have no laws against animal testing or the horrific dog eating festival. If you won't stand for that, then don't stand for fur.

I was reading an article about the fur industry in Closer magazine and found that designers have actually been taking sponsorship from fur companies. They put fur on the catwalk just so they can get some more money... and they keep getting away with this evil, disgusting act.

Sometimes even "faux fur" being sold in high street shops have been proven to actually contain real animal fur.

So, what can you do to take down the fur industry?

It is possible and there are already animal rights movements going on around the world that are working towards taking down the fur industry. There have been cases where lorries who were carrying animals and taking them to their deaths have actually been stopped and the animals have then been taken to shelters.

Not only can you join animal rights movements, you can also make changes in everyday life. Refuse to buy fur and encourage others to do the same. Only buy faux fur, and you can check if it really is faux by pulling apart the fur. If you see stitches, it's fake. If you see skin, then it's real and you should let the company know and other people know too.

Visit this page to find out more on knowing the difference between real and faux fur and a list of fur-free designers and brands: http://www.isfoundation.com/news/creatures/fur-fashion

It's also important to speak out. Call out those who are a part of and give money to this evil industry. If you see someone wearing real fur (mostly celebrities who boast and post pictures online)... CALL THEM OUT ON IT.

If you see brands or designers using real fur, tell them you disagree with it. Email them, post it on social media so everyone can see. Make it public knowledge. Raising awareness is so important here, the more people know, the better.

Some designers who use real fur include Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

If brands and designers are getting lots of bad publicity and if more and more people are refusing to buy their designs then they will have no choice but to stop selling fur. It's the same with animal tested cosmetics: REFUSE to buy their products. At the end of the day, all they want is money.

You can make a difference for these poor animals. Refuse to give money to this evil industry. Refuse to stand for people who do.

We can all make a difference.

Until the next time,


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