Neck Deep: The Peace and the Panic REVIEW

By Char Shields - August 21, 2017

Neck Deep released their new album, "The Peace and The Panic" on Friday 18th of August and I am in LOVE with it.

As soon as they released their first two singles, I knew the album was going to be amazing and I just had to pre-order it. They're actually the first band I have ever done a pre-order for! I got the vinyl bundle (mainly for the nice vinyl splatter but it was totally worth it!)

I was a little upset that I didn't get a retweet from them... but then again, I have had a real life conversation with Ben and Dani so I guess I'll live.

This album is full of emotions, politics and catchy lyrics that you'll find yourself singing all day. It is also very diverse. Each song is different... but they're all perfect. It's another incredible album from an incredible band.

Their last album, "Life's Not Out to Get You", is one of the best albums ever released. It really helped shape Neck Deep and helped grow their fan base. This album is definitely up there.

Where Do We Go When We Go was my favourite song on the album and it was fantastic to see live. That was until they released In Bloom, they were right about it being the best song they have ever written. I also adore Don't Wait featuring Sam Carter from Architects. I am a BIG fan of songs with a political message and this one is perfect. Even the seemingly simple lyrics of "the government is lying" are very powerful and I'm looking forward to screaming them at the top of my lungs at their gigs.

Wish You Were Here and 19 Seventy Sumthin both really pulled on my heart strings and brought tears to my eyes. They are very beautiful songs with heartbreaking lyrics. I was listening to Wish You Were Here on the bus and the lyrics "and they say you're in a better place, but a better place is right here with me" really stood out to me. I feel like this is the saddest song on the album, but still a very beautiful song.

I could list every single song on the album and write all the great things about them, but I would be here all year! I definitely recommend that you listen to it for yourself if you haven't already.

I actually felt sad when the album ended the first time I listened to it and I just HAD to play it again! I probably listen to it at least twice a day now and I always have one of the songs stuck in my head... and I don't mind one bit.

Neck Deep is my favourite band and I feel very proud of them and far they have come. This record shows how much they've been through and how aware of the world they are. I'm so glad we could share this journey with them.

Congrats on another absolute banger.

Until the next time,


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