Film Camera Appreciation

By Char Shields - August 14, 2017

Back when I started my blog last year, I wrote a second-hand camera appreciation post. Last week, I finally got some films developed that I took back in the winter, so I decided to do a film camera appreciation post.

I love taking pictures on film, it gives beautiful effects that digital cameras cannot give you. I was really happy with the outcome of these photos. I had three rolls of film to develop and they were mostly taken in Bristol and a few in Cardiff. I wanted to share some of my favourites.

I use the Canon EOS 300 camera with 35mm film.

This picture really shows how beautiful Bristol is. This was taken at College Green and I love how it turned out. I love the Autumn scenery with all the fallen leaves and the beautiful agriculture that surrounds it. 

Bristol is full of written messages like this one. I have seen ones such as "smile, you're alive", " you look beautiful today" and "anyone but the Tories". But this is probably the best piece of advice the city has ever given.

I clearly remember the day I took this photo. The weather was starting to warm up and Spring was coming. I was having a bad depression day (or week) and had spent the day in bed. I decided to take my film camera out and get some good shots. I sat by the river for a while and took some photos and this was one of my favourites.

Some of the stuff I collected from the A Day To Remember gig (one of my favourite gigs so far). This is the merch I bought, the ticket and some leaflets I got.

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