Seeing Linkin Park: A Childhood Dream

By Char Shields - July 13, 2017

Last week, on the 6th of July, my boyfriend and I travelled from Cornwall to Birmingham to see Linkin Park live, one of my favourite bands.

I was raised listening to bands such as Linkin Park so I have been a huge fan of them since I was a child. My mum would always play their music in the house and when we were out in the car. I knew all their songs and had memorised all their lyrics. I have wanted to see them for a very long time.

I had never been so excited for a gig. It was very much a dream come true.

They played classics such as In the End, From the Inside and One Step Closer. They also played some of their later stuff, including Castle of Glass and The Catalyst.

The energy was incredible, especially during Faint and Bleed it Out where there wasn't one person stood still. It was electric. However, I did feel like the energy dropped when they played songs from their new album (can't say that I'm a fan).

I was also nearly brought to tears when they played the piano version of Crawling and when they played Breaking the Habit. Both songs mean a lot to me and they were very moving.

Linkin Park are a very talented band and it was insane to see them play in person. The vocals were amazing, the instruments were amazing and so was the atmosphere. I felt like I was going to my very first gig again and I almost had to pinch myself... I was actually seeing them in person.

Although, the day didn't come without it's stresses.

We left Cornwall within good time, with very high excitement... but it wasn't long before the road trip boredom hit. The temperature had also hit around 30 degrees, making the car almost unbearable. And we had to make a stop in Northampton to pick up my boyfriend's friend.

And then we hit the traffic of Birmingham.

This was when I really started to stress out. The traffic was insane. We were stuck in it for about an hour and I was worrying that we would be very late.

When we finally parked the car, it was 8.20pm... Linkin Park would be on stage at 8.30. So, we ran down to the arena, only then to find a massive line to get in. A random guy in the queue said we were "screwed". I had to agree.

But, little did I know, our luck was beginning to change.

Linkin Park were late on stage, so we got in as soon as they were coming on. We got a good spot and were able to see them really well!

So, in the end (it doesn't even matter... I'm sorry, I had to), it turned out to be an amazing night and all the stresses were worth it.

It was definitely a gig that I won't forget anytime soon!

Until the next time,


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