VOTE LABOUR: Your Future is in YOUR Hands

By Char Shields - June 01, 2017

We have one week until the general election. Please don't give your vote to the Conservatives.

At this point, I don't see why anyone would still vote for Theresa May and the Tories. They don't benefit anyone unless you're in the top 5% of the richest people in the country. Another 5 years with the Tories in power will only cause more damage.

A vote for the Tories is a personal attack on your neighbours and loved ones. It's a personal attack on yourself.

May is not and will not be a good leader for this country. She claims that she is "strong and stable" but has proven over and over that she is weak.

She refuses to debate Jeremy Corbyn, she has made U-turns on major points in her party's manifesto and has proven she cannot be trusted. How many times did she say there wouldn't be a snap election? Is this someone you can really trust to run your country? To negotiate deals in Brussels?

The Tories' values are vile and immoral. May is still saying she will lift the fox hunting ban that Labour put in place, despite over 80% of the country disagreeing with it. Is that listening to the will of the people?  They can say whatever excuses they want, but fox hunting will not help farmers. It's just their sick and twisted idea of fun. Chasing down an innocent and vulnerable animal and watching dogs rip it apart is their idea of fun.

Tory values are NOT our values.

There is a reason why they are referred to as the "nasty party".

The Tory party are out of touch with the people, whereas Corbyn has always been on the right side of history. There is a HUGE difference between May and Corbyn. You wanted someone who was different to all the other politicians and now you have someone. Corbyn is honest and wants a country that suits "the many, not the few".

Taken from Facebook. All rights go to the owner, I do not claim ownership to this image.

Corbyn would also make a better leader by far. Unlike May, he doesn't back down. He has been facing hate for years and he has never crumbled under the pressure. He still remains calm, strong and confident. Is that not what you want for a leader? Or do you want someone who is literally laughed at by the public?

May is a joke. The Tory party is a joke.

She is the prime minister, and people are LAUGHING at her.

So before you vote for the Tories, ask yourself, do you really care more about ripping foxes apart, allowing the cruel trade of ivory and getting rid of immigrants (which is another false promise from the Tories) than your future? Your children's futures? The NHS? The elderly? Your pension? The poor? The working class? Students? The country's debt which they have increased? Your basic human rights?

The Labour party will benefit the majority of us, not just 5% of us.

Don't listen to the mainstream media who are bias against Corbyn. They will say anything at this point to turn people against him because they know he has a real chance now.

But people are rising above it, and you can too.

READ Labour's manifesto, LISTEN to Corbyn's speeches.

Decide for yourself, don't let the media and the Tories decide for you.

Labour is the way forward and every vote counts. Don't waste yours.

It's time we get the Tories out. It's time for a better future.

Taken from the Facebook page of Jeremy Corbyn. All rights go to Corbyn and the Labour Party, I do not claim ownership to this image.

Until the next time,

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