By Char Shields - May 12, 2017

On the 8th of June 2017, we have another general election in the UK. This means we have another chance to build a better future for ourselves.

We need to get the Conservative party out.

The Tories only look out for the richest members of society whilst abandoning the poorest and the most vulnerable. The Labour party will benefit the vast majority of society, not just the few.

The deadline to register to vote in this election is fast approaching and it is incredibly important that you do register. If more people vote, especially young people, we will stand a better chance at getting the Tory party out. You can't just say that you "don't really care about it" or that your vote "won't make a difference" because that's what the Tories are counting on. They are counting on you to not vote.

They are also counting on you to listen to what they feed you through the newspapers and through the rest of the media. "Corbyn is bad", "Labour will be disastrous for this country". 


A large proportion of the media are bias against Jeremy Corbyn. Everything he says and does gets turned into something terrible, when actually, Labour's policies will have a greater benefit for Britain. They give us a voice... and the rich and powerful don't want that. And they are the ones who own the media. They will benefit more if the Tories remain in power and that is why they give the Labour party so much hate.

Don't listen to the propaganda they feed you. We have suffered for too long and it's time to take action. 

Don't vote for a party who doesn't care about you and who won't benefit you in any way. Vote to change things and to make a difference. 

Vote to save our NHS.
Vote to save foxes and badgers.
Vote to help the most vulnerable of society.
Vote for students and for better education.
Vote for worker's rights.
Vote for cheaper transportation.
Vote for a better deal with Brexit.
Vote to tackle homelessness.
Vote for better funding with mental health care.
Vote for the Labour party.

You can make a difference.

The deadline to register to vote is on the 22nd of May. You can register here: 

Let June be the end of May.

Until the next time, 


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