My New Years Resolutions

By Char Shields - January 05, 2017

Happy new year!

So I wanted to write about my new years resolutions. I know I'm a tad late but I really needed to think about what I wanted to write. 

I have thought of a bunch of things that I want in my life and that I want to improve on in 2017. Hopefully I can achieve these by the end of the year. I also thought it would be fun to write a post in response to this at the end of the year. Lets hope I remember that!


So I own a guitar and a keyboard but I would actually like to learn to play at least one of them. I used to take piano lessons and tried to teach myself the guitar but I gave up really quickly. This year I would like to start learning again and NOT give up this time. 


This isn't the most important resolution out there but I would like to find a make-up look that I am happy with. I also think it's good to have small resolutions that you can achieve easier but have them still make a positive impact on your life.

I always get frustrated because heavy looks don't always suit me. I also have the dreaded hooded eyelids which makes eye shadow and eye liner hard work.

It would be nice to feel happy and comfortable with how I am doing my make-up.


Now, this one is really important.

I probably set the whole "lose weight" goal every year but never put enough effort into it. This year I would really like to start eating healthier by eating more fruit and veg, taking time to cook healthier meals and keeping the junk food down to a minimum. I want to start drinking more water and going on more jogs. I will also be joining the gym when I'm back in Bristol which I really hope I stick to. All of this will help me get to my goal weight and will make me feel healthier in general. There are so many benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping the "healthy lifestyle" goal as a top priority rather than losing weight is so important because it keeps you in a better frame of mind and you won't spend your whole time stressing about how much weight you're losing. 

I would also like to achieve and maintain a healthy frame of mind. By the end of 2017, I hope I can say that I am in a much better place than I was at the end of 2016.


The most exciting thing about turning 18 for me was the thought of getting a tattoo. I am now 19 years old, turning 20 in 7 months, and I still don't have a tattoo.

I would like to think of a really great tattoo design that I want and will hopefully get it for my birthday or around that time. I have wanted one for so long and by the end of 2017, I would like to say that I actually have one.


There is no better feeling for me than seeing your favourite bands live. I am at my happiest when I am at gigs and they are great for creating amazing memories. I also live in Bristol now and there are lots of venues within walking distance of my flat. I also love collecting merch at gigs. Attending more of them this year is a definite goal.

Hmm, maybe getting a well-paid job should also be a definite goal...


This is something that I have started and something that I hope to keep up.

Everyday this year, I want to write down one good thing that had happened, fold it up and put it in a jar. Whether it is an event I go to, somewhere I have visited, something funny that happened or even just a conversation that I enjoyed. I want to fill it with positive things (which may also help me feel better if I have had a bad day).

At the end of the year, I can re-read them all and look back on the (amazing) year I have had.


My last resolution is to write more blog posts. I really enjoy blogging and I miss doing it regularly. It keeps me busy and organised and it is a good platform to express my views. I would also like to start taking more photographs for the blog and changing the name to something more fitting and appropriate. 

The goal is to post at least 4 times a month again and stick to it!

And that's it for my resolutions.

I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully at the end of 2017, I can write about how well I achieved these goals (YES, we can hope!)

Happy new year.
Until the next time,


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