Tips for Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

By Char Shields - November 04, 2016

Hey, hey internet! Long time no speak!

I am back with some tips on keeping a healthy lifestyle and frame of mind.

These are just very basic tips that can help change your everyday life. I find these are particularly helpful if you are under a lot of stress or suffer with mental health problems. I am in no way an expert on mental health and do not think these will be a "cure" as such but I personally find them very helpful when it comes to dealing with the everyday problems of having a mental illness.

1. Keep your room tidy... ish.

Okay so my first tip is to try and keep your room as tidy as possible. I am definitely not a great example when it comes to this but it really does help. It doesn't have to be perfect but keeping your room tidy does help. For me when I have a very messy room, I have a very messy mind.

So just taking some time to clean the space around you and keep it smelling fresh with nice scents (I personally LOVE the room sprays from Marks & Spencers, my favourite scent being the Neroli Lime and Basil) can really make a big difference.

2. Go for walks

Going for walks always helps me clear my mind. It can also make me feel a lot better if I have been stuck inside all day feeling blue.

I have always been very lucky when it comes to places to walk. Back in Cornwall I would always take my dog for walks in the most beautiful places. Now I live up in Bristol for university and I am equally as lucky as there are some beautiful places to walk in this city.

Try taking pictures when out walking to help you focus on something else or bring a friend along with you. Sometimes it is good to just talk things out or even to just have a laugh!

3. Have a routine

Something that can be very helpful is sticking to a routine. Although this can be difficult as you can never fully plan every moment of your day out, it can help to just have a brief idea of what you want to be doing.

Spend some time the night before planning when you want to exercise, when you want to do work or when you want to see your friends etc.

I found a daily planner in Urban Outfitters which I adore. It helps me keep track on things I need to do and it helps me plan my day ahead.

You can find the diary here:

Even just briefly sticking to a daily routine can help you stay on track so your mind doesn't stray.

4. Eat healthy

This can be a hard one for me as I am on a student budget but eating healthy really does make a difference. It can be very easy to just eat junk food or to not even eat at all when you are feeling down but most of time it just leaves you feeling worse.

My body really benefits from eating healthy and I feel so much better when I have been sticking to a healthy diet for a long period of time. You don't need to completely cut out junk food, but it is good to switch up to healthier options. You will see the physical and mental changes in your body.

As I said, being on a student budget can make this a lot harder as healthy food is more on the expensive side. But if you are in the same or similar boat as me then I find it helpful to plan my meals ahead for the week so I know exactly what to buy. I also try to stick to the cheaper options and looking around at what foods have deals on etc.

5. Stay active

This is definitely an important one. Keeping fit and staying active can not only do wonderful things for your body but also for your mind.

You don't have to overdo it if you don't want to, you can just make small everyday changes to your life.

For example, I now walk the 50 minutes to university rather than taking the bus. I am also constantly walking around town and keeping myself busy.

Back in Cornwall I really enjoyed using the gym... especially since it was free to use at college! I can't really afford it at the moment but there are things I do at home such as exercise DVD's. I definitely recommend Charlotte Corsby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz.

It's all about finding what you enjoy and what makes you feel happy and productive doing.

6. Keep on top of things

DEFINITELY easier said than done but just try to keep on top of work and responsibilities rather than just letting them build up will make things a lot easier (I for one am definitely learning that the hard way).

I know that when I keep on top of assignments and homework then I feel a lot less stressed in the long run.

However, I can't preach too much on this one as I never seem to learn but TRUST ME it makes a huge difference.

7. Take time out and HAVE FUN

I really can't stress this one enough. Take some time out and just relax. Go out and have fun with your friends.

You don't need to feel guilty for having a night off. Go and watch a film, read a book, watch your favourite TV show. Do whatever that makes you feel relaxed because everyone needs a break. Don't overload yourself, it's not worth it.


Some days things are so bad that these tips are just not enough to make you feel better so please ASK FOR HELP.

Whether you just need to talk to a friend or family member.
Whether you need to talk to a doctor or a therapist.
DON'T be afraid to ask for help.

Your mental health is very important and if you are not feeling okay then you should ask for help and you shouldn't feel ashamed to do so.

I hope these tips were helpful and if things get too bad, then please remember the last one above everything else.

Stay safe and keep healthy!

Until the next time,

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