By Char Shields - November 11, 2016

So it actually happened. Donald Trump won the US Presidential election. I can't say I am too surprised, what with the year we've had in Britain... *cough* Brexit *cough*.

The annoying thing is that they could have had Bernie Sanders running against Trump. He would have won hands down. He had everyone's best interests at heart and a lot of the population had enormous amounts of faith in him. Whereas Hillary Clinton had her flaws. Flaws in which Trump played to his advantage of course. However, I personally would have preferred Clinton as she is definitely not as bad as Trump. But, being the less of two evils was just simply not good enough.

I mean come on, what were the Democrats thinking?

Similar to when the UK voted to leave the EU, a lot of people and places in America have gone into a complete meltdown. This is understandable as most of the population now have a reason to feel scared. Trump has proved many times that he is sexist and racist and has shown hatred to any minority. Some Trump supporters have also decided to take his ideals literally through acts of violence.

But unfortunately, like Brexit, you are pretty much stuck with him. Trust me, we feel your pain.

However, you will NOT get anywhere by insulting people. As much as I feel your anger; calling everyone who voted for Trump a racist is not going to solve anything, like it or not.

Beating up a Trump supporter just because of who he voted for is also incredibly wrong. As much as we all might hate Trump, people have the right to vote for whoever they like. Attacking him made them just as bad as the violent Trump supporters. I thought we were looking to make a change and rise above them, not get even.

I understand how frustrating it is. Why should we even have to tell people why Trump is wrong? Why should we have to tell people why grabbing women "by the pu**y" is wrong? That sexual abuse is wrong? That calling all Mexicans rapists is wrong? That mocking the disabled is wrong?

The list could go on and on. It is frustrating, because it should be common sense that all of these things are wrong and it makes you lose a lot of respect for those who condemn this sort of behaviour. However, this doesn't mean you can stoop to their level.

YES they voted for someone who expresses dangerous, racist and sexist ideals which is wrong. Also those who actually act upon Trump's ideals are VERY wrong but even so, now is not the time to haul insults at each other. At a scary time like this, you need to be the bigger person and learn to work together.

Now is the time to educate people and work with them, else you are never going to win. Insulting people will only push them further to the right. You need to take action, keep protesting, take part in debates, do something that will actively change things for the better. Get your point across in a non-violent and insulting way.

Be loud and be heard.

Help and support those around you who might be feeling scared and unwelcome right now. Be the voice and be the love that this world needs, don't add to the hatred. Don't fuel the fire, that's exactly what people like Trump want. That is what he thrives off.

The fact that we have been hauling insults at people has just made Trump's campaign stronger. Yes he is a dangerous man with very wrong ideals. But instead of educating his supporters, we have just called them racists and that is what pushed at least some of them more towards Trump. And we are all guilty of it and it needs to change.

Keep actively doing things to get your point across rather than just spreading hate on the internet.

I will leave you with the warm and hopeful words of Bernie Sanders: "If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare."

We are so close to changing things for the better.

Keep fighting.

Until the next time,

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