Why I Support Jeremy Corbyn

By Char Shields - August 16, 2016

Hello there!

So just over a week ago I went to a rally at Heartlands in Pool, Cornwall to listen to Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, speak and I was inspired to write about why I support him, especially since he receives so much hate.

Here in the UK we are under a Conservative-run government and it is shown that many of us, including my family and myself, are being failed by it.

The Tory government cater for the rich and abandon the poor. My family have struggled over the years because of their lack of care for the poorer population. My parents split a few years ago and my mum was left on her own to struggle to pay the bills and look after three children. But there is no sympathy for a single mum from the Tory government, so there has been multiple times that she has had to turn to a food bank just to put food on the table because we were unable to afford it. There has been an increase in the UK on the amount of families who rely on food banks because of the lack of care the government has. Although my family are better off now, we still struggle and it seems like all of our hard work just doesn't pay off. This is why we need Jeremy Corbyn. We need Jeremy Corbyn because he will fight poverty, rather than ignore it. He doesn't want us to just "get back in our places", he wants to give us a voice. He wants to give a voice to the most vulnerable and ignored of society and fight inequality. As he said in his rally at Heartlands, Pool: "the greater levels of inequality... hits the poor the hardest, women the hardest..." which is a "political choice NOT an economic necessity".

Another reason that I support Corbyn, and a reason that means a lot to me, is the help for mental illnesses. I have suffered with mental health issues throughout the years and it is very saddening to see the help decrease. These problems I have been facing shouldn't have gone on for as long as they have done but I can no longer afford the help I actually need. I was constantly turned away by doctors until I got so bad that I no longer felt like I could function like a normal human being. Then, even when I was referred to a therapist, there was almost a month long waiting list on top of everything else.

Corbyn wants to give more help and support to those with mental health problems. He wants mental health to be treated exactly the same as physical health. This is something that needs to be recognised- your brain can get sick too.

It is clear that Corbyn wants to help people. He wants to help the most vulnerable. He wants to save the NHS and the human rights act. He wants to make the country a better place and create a system which benefits everyone, not just the rich people of society. But yet, the media portray him as such a horrible man. But what is so horrible about wanting to help people?

The reason why Corbyn gets so much hate is because he is too radical for the right-wing society. Because of him, people are starting to speak up and fight back. He gets hate because they are scared- and so they should be.

Fight back. Fight for Corbyn. Vote for Corbyn. Campaign for Corbyn, Don't let the Tory government win. If you want a new kind of politics, then Corbyn is your man.

There are many more reasons I have for supporting Corbyn, but for now I will leave it at that.

Keep fighting.

Until the next time,

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