"Men and Women will never be Equal"

By Char Shields - August 01, 2016

Hey internet!

So I did have a blog post planned for this week but then something riled me up the other day whilst watching Celebrity Big Brother UK (if you have watched it then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about already) so I am blessing you with a rant post instead. Enjoy!

The other night I was sitting down watching the opening night of Celebrity Big Brother but then one celebrity entered who definitely grinded my gears. He goes by the name of James and he claimed that "men and women will never be equal". First of all, I would like to say that men and women ARE equal. We are all human and we are all made of the same things. Society just needs to start acting like it. The world needs to start acting like it.

Now, if he had came on said that "black and white people will never be equal" then there would have been outrage on the internet and throughout the media, which is completely understandable as I would have kicked off too as it would have been completely out of order to say. However, it was also out of order to say that men and women will never be equal but I was shocked and disappointed at the lack of people who were mad about James' statement. Instead I saw tweets such as: "Oh, I bet the feminists are angry now" and little tweets questioning what he said and why it was wrong.

So my question is: why is it okay to defend the rights of black people, gay people etc but not for women to defend their rights? Why is that still not okay? Why are we just "angry feminists"? Why is it, when your granddad makes a racist comment you can tell him that he is wrong for saying that but if he makes a sexist comment then he gets excused because he's "old-fashioned"?

Why can't women fight for their rights? Why can't we tell someone that they are wrong for being sexist? We are nowhere near equality for women all around the world but yet our fight tends to be ignored. You can't stand up for yourself, especially on the internet, without being called an "angry feminazi". Before we are even able to stand up for ourselves, to tell them that we are wrong, we are silenced by the people who attack us over the internet.

The worst thing about these comments is that I actually let them get to me, dishearten me and get me so riled up that I wrote a whole post about it. For a second it almost made me forget about the wonderful things we have achieved and how far we have come over the years. We are stronger than them and we are so much more than the hate we get on the internet. We will continue to fight and stay strong. We will fight for equality worldwide. We will not let some immature trolls on the internet bring us down. We are strong enough and powerful enough to push a whole movement forward. Calling us names because we are trying to fight for equality says a lot more about them than it does about us, so never keep quiet for anybody.


Why aren't men and women equal? What makes one gender superior to another? Why does it actually seem more acceptable for a women to be killed because of misogynistic and patriarchal views than it is to be a feminist? For me, it makes no sense. Sexism is stupid. Misogyny is stupid.

Don't accept the roles you have been told to be in and break out of those traditional values. The world has moved on and it's time society moved on with it. No one should be fighting for their rights at all, let alone in 2016. Everyone is equal, we are all human so lets start treating each other like it. 

Stop brushing it off, stop pretending that it's okay because it isn't.

Keep the fight going.

Until the next time, 

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