Cruelty Free Cosmetics

By Char Shields - August 08, 2016

Hey internet! I'm back and this week I am going to be showing you some of the cruelty free cosmetics that I use and recommend. I was originally going to post this last week but I ranted instead but, hey, who doesn't love a feminist rant?

I use cruelty free cosmetics because I completely disagree with the torture that animals are put through by testing on them. It is not necessary and brands shouldn't be allowed to do it at all. There ARE other methods of testing. Brands such as MAC and Chanel are very loved despite them choosing to test on animals. If people could see what was happening behind closed doors, would they still buy their products? I certainly don't because in my eyes, animal rights will always be more important than materialism.

People have always claimed that cruelty free brands are expensive and hard to find... I completely disagree. I have found some very good deals on my products and the products I have splashed out a bit more on have been fantastic value for money.

The first products that I recommend are the Pro-Vitamin shampoo and conditioner by Superdrug. Superdrug do not test any of their products on animals so I have bought many of their products including their facial wipes. I adore the Pro-Vitamin shampoo and conditioner because it literally saved my hair. I have had problems with damaged and knotty hair so these have been a life saver! The use of vitamins are incredibly good for you hair. These leave your hair feeling healthy, soft and shiny and they also leave it smelling amazing. I highly recommend these products, especially if you have damaged hair, I promise you that these will help save it.

I also use Superdrug's own-brand of makeup: B.

I have bought all of my face makeup from the B. range and I highly recommend them. I have very sensitive and often dry skin but this brand doesn't irritate my skin at all. They can sometimes be a bit on the pricey side as the foundation is £10 and the mascara was about the same. However, they always have deals on which I always keep an eye out for (I bought them all at half price) and they are also very good value for money. They come in big pots/containers so they last you a very long time which means you don't have to buy as often.

I love all of their products but my favourites are the bronzers and lipsticks. The bronzer gives you the amazing contour look and I am in love with their lipstick colours. I definitely recommend the B. makeup products so check them out in the Superdrug store.

One cruelty free cosmetics store that I definitely love shopping at is LUSH and I especially admire their stand against animal testing. LUSH sell amazing products which I have bought a lot of. When it comes round to Christmas time everyone knows where to shop for me... LUSH! I love all of their products but two have especially stuck out for me.

The first product that I recommend is the "Eau Roma Water" which is a spray-on toner water. I use this every morning and it helps me feel more awake. It makes my skin feel fresh and re-hydrated. Spraying this on my face every morning is a wonderful feeling so I highly recommend this product.

I am also VERY much in love with their shampoo bars. They smell amazing and leave your hair feeling so soft and healthy. The one in the picture is cinnamon scented but I also love the seaweed one because it's so good for your hair and leaves it smelling gorgeous. These are also great value for money as they last a very long time! The first one I had lasted me for around 5 months so I am definitely stocking up on these for university because they will save me so much.

The next product is a moisturiser by the brand Forever which I first tried at a pamper party and I was so impressed that I just had to buy it! None of the products sold by Forever are tested on animals and you can mostly buy them from representatives in case you were wondering why you haven't seen them in shops. This product is a bit pricey but it is also good value for money as it lasts for a long time period. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so smooth. It is also great for sensitive skin.

The next cruelty free brand that I recommend is Urban Decay.

This is the only high end brand of makeup that I own and I started to buy products from them once I started earning more money. I definitely don't regret buying the Naked 2 palette. I adore the colours, you can have so much fun experimenting with it and it's perfect for a night out! I also love their lipsticks as they have amazing colours. I own the ZZ Cream colour (which was a birthday present from my best friend) and I recently bought the Stark Naked colour which gives you the perfect nude effect. This brand is definitely a lot better than some of the other high end makeup brands and I highly recommend them.

Now I certainly couldn't leave out Makeup Revolution! They are definitely one of my favourite brands and I am in love with their eye shadow palettes. The colours are perfect for everyday uses and you can create amazing effects with them. One of the best things about these palettes is the price - they are only £4! They are great budget makeup but the quality of the makeup is still amazing. I have bought other products from them including lipstick and they are all amazing quality at an amazing price! I definitely recommend this brand.

I also use other brands such as Barry M (their lip liners and liquid eyeliners are fantastic), Lottie London and occasionally The Body Shop (although they are owned by a company that DOES test on animals so I tend not to shop there) but this was a list of the ones that I recommend the most.

Thank you for reading and I encourage you to choose cruelty free!

Until the next time,

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