Corruption in the Media

By Char Shields - August 26, 2016

Hey internet!

Earlier this month Jeremy Corbyn was filmed on the floor of a busy train, discussing the daily struggles people have to face on these trains. He chose to do this instead of being bumped up to first class seating using the taxpayers money. It was an incredibly moving and powerful thing to do. Why shouldn't politicians be on the same level as everyone else?

Later on, the pro-privatisation train company, Virgin, released CCTV footage of Corbyn walking past empty seats on that train, branding him a liar.

For Corbyn haters, this was enough to start throwing abuse at him. And what reason do these big companies have to lie, right? It's not like they hate Corbyn because of his radical views and ideas. It's not like they want the train companies to be privatised!

However, passengers on the same train then came back with proof that Corbyn was sitting on the floor like the rest of them and the train was in fact busy. It was 45 minutes into the journey that seats started to become available as the staff started shifting people around. But what is the most frustrating is that the true meaning of Corbyn's video has been completely taken away.

The fact is that Corbyn DIDN'T lie. Trains are constantly jam-packed so there is no where to sit and there isn't enough trains. These are actual problems people have to face everyday and Corbyn was bringing awareness to that. I have often caught the train from Truro to Plymouth which is about an hour and a half long journey and I never get a seat on that train, no matter what time I catch it. What else is ignored is that, unlike most politicians, Corbyn did not switch to first class. But all of the good things seem to be ignored as the pointless hatred overthrows it.

As I said in my previous post, the reason Corbyn receives so much hate is because he is too radical for them. He is also electable- and that scares them. That scares those in charge. Those with all of the power and money, those who don't want to break the status-quo. So they have to slate him in any way they possibly can and unfortunately, people fool for it. Even the people who Corbyn is trying to help. It's sad because the people of the UK don't realise that they deserve so much better than what the Conservative government give them. There is another way, don't let them take it away from you.

And possibly the worst thing of all, whilst all of this talk of "traingate" was going on, the Tories were finalising plans to scrap the Human Rights Act. So of course, they needed a distraction from that... and Corbyn was their bait. And instead of being asked about the important topic of the NHS at a press conference, journalists were asking Corbyn about "traingate".

Stop taking away from the things that are important. Stop giving those who are against us the satisfaction. Stop jumping on the bandwagon. Don't let them win because there IS a better way. 

Keep fighting.

Until the next time,

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