By Char Shields - July 25, 2016

Hello there! I'm back and man what a week I've just had! I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in London with my partner and then had a blast with him and my closest friends for my birthday weekend! Now here I am recovering and enjoying my lazy Monday at home.

Living in Cornwall means dealing with the many tourists, so I decided that London was the perfect opportunity to become one myself! We took loads of photos in places such as Regents Park, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace and enjoyed attractions such as Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeons, (I even got some photos of the underground- I take this tourist thing very seriously!)

As I've decided to get a new digital camera for my birthday, this was the last time I properly got to use my old digital camera, the Olympus SP-55OUZ:

I've had this one for a few years now and it was bought second hand. The quality of the photos it takes has decreased through age, however I was very impressed with the quality when I first got the camera despite it being second hand and I'm still impressed by it now.

An example of a photo I took when I first got the camera:

I've always thought that you have to spend loads of money on a camera to get results but would then feel bad as I have never been able to afford one. But I was completely wrong and I have a lot of love for old and second-hand cameras, especially with the unique outcomes they give you, including some that I got whilst in London. 

Another old photo example: 

Recent photo I took of St. Paul's Cathedral:

This photo was taken in the evening but you can see by the photo how blue the sky is still. I positioned the photo in a dark frame but within that frame the colours and light have been captured very effectively.

Recent photo I took near the underground: 

This is a photo that I was extremely happy with. The quality is still pretty good and the background is very clear whereas the foreground is blurred, showing that this old camera can still allow you to play around with different compositions.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my second-hand camera appreciation post. If you're interested in photography but can't afford an expensive camera then don't be ashamed to try a second hand camera because you can still get amazing results! Remember- a workman never blames their tools! 

Until the next time, 

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