First Post

By Char Shields - July 16, 2016

Hello internet! Yep, I'm starting my first ever blog post off danisnotonfire style! My name is Char, I currently live in beautiful Cornwall and I will be 19 years young on July 24th. I am hoping to be going to university at UWE Bristol in September to study journalism. 

Since I enjoy writing and will be studying journalism very soon, I thought this would be a perfect idea! It will be a great platform to share my ideas with the world. I enjoy photography so you'll definitely see a lot of that on here but it will also be very personal-style based. You'll hear different stories, although they may be mostly about my 3 year old dog who keeps life very interesting! I will also include lifestyle, beauty and even the odd rant- if I don't start at least one shit storm then I'm doing it wrong!

So, in attempt to keep this post short and sweet... I hope you enjoy my blog! You'll hear from me shortly.

Until the next time,

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